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Adelaide Airport Stormwater

Project Description

The Adelaide Airport Stormwater Scheme is a $9.8 million project to capture, store and distribute treated stormwater for industrial, commercial and irrigation use on and around the Adelaide Airport.

The scheme is jointly funded by the Australian Government, through the Water for the Future initiative, the Government of South Australia and SA Water.

The stormwater scheme has the capacity to deliver up to 270 million litres of treated stormwater each year, reducing the use of potable water and thereby improving the security of water supplies for metropolitan Adelaide.

The scheme will create positive outcomes for the environment and the people of metropolitan Adelaide by reducing reliance on water from the River Murray and Mount Lofty Ranges, and increasing urban stormwater harvesting and recycling.

As part of the scheme, infrastructure to harvest, treat and store stormwater was constructed on Adelaide Airport land at James Melrose Road, Novar Gardens. A new underground main to distribute treated stormwater was laid along the eastern boundary of the Airport.

Project Details

  • Client Adelaide Airport Limited
  • Date April 26, 2014
  • Tags Stormwater
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